• Rollon Slideway Material

    Rollon Slideway Material

    Rollon Slideway system is a linear bearing system used globally by OEM’s and reconditioners on machine tool guideways, transfer lines or any linear movement application to check metal to metal contact, where reduced friction and wear resistance are critical design considerations.

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  • Rollon Slide Rings

    Rollon Slide Rings / Wear Rings

    Prevents metal to metal contact between piston rod and gland or between piston and cylinder bore. Simple groove design, Easy to install, Prevents migrating of contaminants, Increases service life of sealing surface, No stick slip and its available in varying thicknesses.

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  • Rollon Components

    Rollon Components

    Rollon Slideway Lined Self Lubricated bushes / Thrust washers and Flange bearings used for rotating or Linear motion applications or a combination of both. Rollon Slideway ensures long life and smooth working. ROLLON Components are engineered product of Rollon Slideway material manufactured as per the customer requirements.

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  • Rollon PTFE Slide Bearings

    Rollon PTFE Slide Bearings

    Rollon Slideway / PTFE low friction sliding bearing supports / expansion plate / wear plate / wear pads are ideally suited for use in pipelines, bridges and highway constructions, installation of storage tanks and pressure vessels, industrial machinery for damping vibrations and also for architectural applications.

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  • Castfil PTFE Putty / Brushable

    Castfil PTEF Putty / Brushable

    Universal cold weld metal repair compound, suitable for a variety of repair / maintenance applications such as repair of worn out shafts, bushes, oversized bearing bores, damages caused by corrosion, erosion, cavitations and of leaking pipes.

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  • Rollon Heavy Duty Linear Rail System

    Heavy Duty Linear Rail System

    Rollon Bearings offers Stainless Steel Linear Slide Rail and Heavy Duty Rails for multiple sliding applications covering light, medium & heavy load industrial applications.

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  • Rollon Spherical Bearings / Rocker Washer Assembly

    Rollon Spherical Bearings / Rollon Rocker Washer Assembly

    ROLLON manufacturers Rocker Washer Assemblies used as supports for Hanger Rods of Primary Coolant Pumps and Special Spherical Bearings are used for supporting the Steam Generator Guide supports at Steam nozzle location in Nuclear Power Plants.

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